Stand Package
Deluxe Shell


Minimum space: 9sqm

Standard booth: RMB 20,000 /each

Corner booth: RMB 21,000/each

Stand Package Include:

1. Stand Dimension: 3m x 3m, standardised 4m high deluxe stand design frontage. (Panel Height: 2.48m)

2. Fully equipped with: fascia, 1 info counter, 1 barstool, 1 round table, 4 chairs, 4 spotlights, 1 socket of 1000W, 1 dustbin and carpet.

Raw Space


Minimum space: 18 sqm

RMB 1,800 / per sqm

Stand Package Include:

Exhibitors must submit the electricity order form to the Official Floor Manager before the deadlines. All fees including deposit of electricity distribution box and supervision fee must be settled prior to the show opening. Please refer to the Online Exhibitor Manual for the deadlines, fees and payment details.

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